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About Us

We are the business owner of the manufacture of products. we running our business from the last 30 years and I am the second generation of my business. In our business journey, we enjoy a lot and side by disappointed by some of our clients for payments.

We realize it’s happened to us, After talking to so many people in the market we check by data every small business or big business owner cheat by minimum 5 client for payment, product quality or services in their business journey. I think it’s a bigger problem we business owner face.
Soi got an idea, build a business owner community to share their problem here in our platform. So cheater client can not cheat others. Cheater client doesn’t make a strong relationship with us. he/she are always ready to cheat so many new business owners.
After a strong community movement may I request to all business owner’s to check the name of the client here and check all complaint about that company. if a company is clear in there work then go head otherwise think twice before new work.